Entrepreneurs at the heart of nation building.
Who We Are

Access is one of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing conglomerates. From humble beginnings in 1989, the company has since evolved and diversified into many fields, deriving strength from its core business areas which are engineering and construction, property and real estate, automotive, healthcare, information technology, power and energy, aviation, telecommunication, international trading and water. The company’s strength, however, lies in securing major projects for infrastructure development in Sri Lanka that are funded by bilateral and multilateral donor agencies.

The company’s strategic goal is centred on consolidating and strengthening its existing enterprises whilst aggressively pursuing greener pastures. These include new ventures and markets with untapped potential. Steered by a dynamic and adventurous management team, Access has chartered its course successfully into many challenging territories emerging as one of the most recognised business entities in Sri Lanka.


Our reputation as one of the nation’s leading conglomerates with diversified business areas precedes us. Building the nation up, however, remains our number one priority. Our key strength lies in our human capital – loyal, committed, and highly skilled people who are passionate about their roles, and serve to further propel the company toward success. Imbued with a sense of purpose and the drive to successfully venture into challenging new business areas, we remain ahead of the curve with an innovative mindset and cutting-edge technology that strikes a balance between big ideas and the technical ability to bring them to life.


To be the leading and dynamic Sri Lankan business enterprise with a global reach.


  • To actively contribute to the development of Sri Lanka, and participate in regional and global business opportunities relevant to the core activities, related strengths and interests of the Company.
  • To meet the challenges and increasing demands of a globalised business environment through the implementation of high-quality standards, human resource development and innovative technology.
  • To be a conscious corporate citizen and support and participate in programmed activities aimed at uplifting the communities’ living standards and value systems.
  • To add value and develop strong long-term relationships with all our stakeholders.


We shall recognise all rights of all our stakeholders including shareholders, employees, clients, partners, financial institutions, professional institutions, the general public and the state, and carry out our business activities with due consideration to their rights and our obligations towards them.


We shall not merely abide by the law in a technical sense, but also try to serve our stakeholders with honest values, avoiding any conduct or schemes which prey on human ignorance. We shall make accurate claims to all our stakeholders and strive to be open about our business activities.

Self Regulation

We will honour all our commitments and guarantees to all our stakeholders and will seek to resolve any disputes in a fair and expeditious manner. We will always investigate regulatory requirements and will always comply to same, with a view to even exceed compliance with such requirements.


We shall uphold the principles of fair play and be vigilant against conduct which has the intent of being deceptive towards our stakeholders.


We shall support a healthy business environment through cooperation with other business entities and professional organisations in order to benefit from a free-market system.


We shall carry out our work in an orderly manner with the interest of the company ahead of any self-interest.