Adhering to the Triple Bottom Line at all times.
Sustainability Initiative

Access strives to be a responsible corporate citizen by committing to business practices, operations, and projects that promote sustainability. These practices are continuously enhanced to minimise the company’s environmental footprint, reduce costs and to enrich the work experience of our employees. We acknowledge the existence of all life forms and resources inhabiting the planet today, as well as in the future, to be as important as our own existence. Therefore, we are dedicated to conserving existing resources and replenishing the ones that are used to ensure sufficient resources for future generations. We seek to be proactive and take sustainability into account in the execution of all our projects and business activities, adhering to the Triple Bottom Line at all times.

Our social responsibility projects are worked on five primary platforms

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    Local Community Development

    Continuous contribution towards the enrichment of the society through economic and social development of the localities.

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    Human Capacity Building

    Continuous investments to increase the abilities and resources of individuals and communities by fostering their involvements in different learning opportunities.

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    Health and Wellness

    Contribution to physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellness of the society by raising awareness, infrastructure development, dissemination of healthcare services etc.

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    Industry Advancement

    Investment in the advancement of the construction industry through diverse education programs, development of human resources and dissemination of best practices in construction management.

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    Environmental Stewardship

    Contribution to sustain the environment and its natural resources for future generations by ensuring business operations comply with environmental regulations, conservation of natural resources, protection and enhancement of wildlife habitats, strict control of the production and disposal of hazardous waste, and support to the local environmental projects and activities.